A tipple could help weight loss

A tipple could help weight loss

One of the big sins of a dieting regimen has been alcohol consumption, dieticians have long told us. But now Melbourne researchers have revealed that up to four drinks a day for men and two for women could help to banish unwanted kilograms.

Researchers examined severely obese patients who underwent weight-loss surgery as well as their alcohol consumption before and after surgery. They found light to moderate drinking was beneficial to cholesterol levels, said a report in Australian Family Physician. And they found that moderate drinkers had a reduced risk of developing adult-onset or type 2 diabetes, most likely because the alcohol improved insulin sensitivity.

The researchers recommend that GPs should not advise obese patients who were attempting to lose weight to abstain from moderate drinking. They said wine was relatively low in calories and, rather than being stored as fat, was generally burned immediately.

However, they warned that non-drinkers should not take up drinking to lose weight.

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