Language, memory helped by music

Language, memory helped by music

Learning a musical instrument can help children enhance their linguistic skills. And it can even help people recover from memory loss after brain injury.

Those are the findings of a Hong Kong study that revealed children who had musical training had a better recall of words compared to those who had no training. The longer they underwent musical training the more words they recalled, said the journal Neuropsychology.

About 90 schoolboys aged between six and 15 were studied with half the group receiving musical training for one to five years. The other half had no such lessons. The boys were all tested for verbal and visual memory with the results showing those with musical training recalled many more words than untrained students.

In fact, the longer they had had lessons, the more words they remembered. The researchers said the type of instrument or music did not matter, but the actual process of learning was important. They said the results could effect the treatment of brain injury.

Previous research found girls who studied music on average out-scored non-musical students by 16 per cent in verbal tests.

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