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Compounding is the art and science of preparing personalised medicines for patients

At eMedical in Melbourne, we use state of the art equipment and devices to compound medicines.

Compounded medicines are "made from scratch" - individual ingredients are mixed together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient. This method allows us to work with the patient and the prescriber to customise a medicine to meet the patient's specific needs.

eMedical Compunding Chemist Melbourne

At eMedical Compounding Chemist we can improve therapeutic outcomes by solving problems doctors and patients have with:

  • Allergies to fillers and dyes in commercially available medicines
  • Discontinued or unavailable medicines
  • Finding a solution to aid swallowing oral medicines
    eg. Difficulty swallowing tablets
  • Improving the taste of commercially available medicines
  • Developing a dosage form specifically for your needs. Alternate dosage forms include lozenges, troches, capsules, lip balms, medicated lollipops, pessaries and suppositories, creams, ointments, pastes and gels, lotions and foams, mouthwashes, nasal drops and sprays.

Same-day collection & Express Post for Compound Medicines 

We compound medicines prescribed by doctors, dentists, and veterinarians registered in Australia. On receipt of a prescription for a medicine to be compounded, we aim to complete your compound for same-day collection or we can express post anywhere in Australia.

Compounding delivers solutions not easily met by commercial products. From combining multiple medicines into a single, convenient dose for hospice patients to delivering children's cough medicine with a palatable flavour, eMedical online pharmacy can help you get the right medicine for your specific needs.

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  • eMedical / Keilor Village Pharmacy is situated at
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Commonly Asked Questions About Compounding Pharmacy Prescription Medications

1Is a compounded medicine covered under the PBS?
Certain compounded prescriptions are partly reimbursed under the PBS on the Standard Formula List. Most are not but you may be able to claim part of the cost back from your Private Health Fund.
2Can I get any reimbursement for the cost of a compounded medicine from my Health Fund?
If you have Extras cover with your Health Fund you may be eligible for reimbursement for part of the compounded prescription price. Different Health Funds and levels of cover provide different levels of reimbursement. Check with your Health Fund to see if they will cover your compounded prescription. They will need to know the active ingredients of your compounded prescription. We will provide you with a Tax Invoice describing the medicine (name of compound including active ingredients and strength(s) to take to your Health Fund.
3What is the expiry date of my compounded prescription?
There are two types of expiry dates that relate to your compounded prescription:
  • The Prescription Expiry: the prescription is only valid for 12 months unless it is a prescription for an anabolic steroid (DHEA, testosterone are examples) or a drug of addiction (eg. Morphine, amphetamine, ketamine) which is only valid for SIX months.
  • The Product Expiry: this is the expiry date of the actual compounded product. We use the APF or USP guidelines to determine the expiry date. The product expiry date depends on the expiry date of each of the ingredients, the stability of the formulation and whether or not a preservative is used. We apply a product expiry to each compound.
4Where do the active ingredients such as hormones come from?
We source our active ingredients from TGA licensed wholesaler Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia(PCCA). We are provided with a certificate of analysis for each ingredient so that we are assured of the purity of the ingredient.
5Are Bio-identical Hormones natural?
Bio-identical hormones are hormones that are identical in chemical structure to the hormones produced in your body. They are synthesized in a laboratory from diosgenin a plant chemical extracted from yams and soy.
6How long does it take to compound products?
The following is a guide to how long different dosage forms take to compound.
Dosage Form Time
Capsules 1 hour (more if more than one active ingredient)
Mixture 1/4-1 hour
Suspension 1 hour
Lollipop 3 hours (base needs to be melted and then solidify)
Pessaries 3 hours (base needs to be melted and then solidify)
Troche 2 hours (base needs to be melted and then solidify)
Sub-lingual drops 1/4 hour
Cream 1/2 hour
Melasma Cream 1 hour
Ointment 1/4 hour
Gelatin Troche 3 hours
Transdermal Cream 1 hour
Lotion 1 hour (Minoxidil will take longer)
Paint 1/2 hour
Ear drop 1/2 hour
Nasal drop or Spray 1/2 hour
Vaginal Cream 1 hour
7What is a compounding pharmacy?
A compounding pharmacy is a specialized type of pharmacy that creates customized medications to meet the unique needs of individual patients. Unlike traditional pharmacies that dispense commercially available medications, compounding pharmacies prepare medications from scratch by combining specific ingredients in precise dosages as prescribed by a healthcare provider. The primary purpose of a compounding pharmacy is to provide personalized medications that are not readily available in the mass market. This can include creating medications in alternative forms, such as creams, gels, suppositories, or liquid suspensions, to accommodate patients who have difficulty swallowing pills or have specific dosage requirements. Compounding pharmacies play a crucial role in meeting the diverse medical needs of patients. They can tailor medications for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients by excluding those substances from the final formulation. Additionally, they can adjust the strength or dosage of medications to ensure optimal effectiveness for patients who require a different concentration than what is commercially available. Furthermore, compounding pharmacies can be invaluable in pediatric care, as they can create medications in child-friendly flavors or adjust dosages to suit the unique needs of children. They also contribute to the field of veterinary medicine by compounding medications suitable for animals in various forms and flavors. It's important to note that compounding pharmacies must adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of the compounded medications. They follow guidelines set by regulatory bodies, such as the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), and employ specialized equipment and techniques to maintain the integrity of the compounded preparations. In summary, a compounding pharmacy is a specialized pharmacy that prepares personalized medications tailored to the specific needs of individual patients. By combining specific ingredients in precise dosages, they create custom formulations that are not readily available in commercially manufactured medications, providing a valuable service in the healthcare industry.


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