Glyde Slim Fit 49mm Condoms (Box of 100 Condoms)

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Glyde’s Slim Fit condoms provide a tighter fitting condom without  compromising that ultra thin technology for increased sensation. When a condom fits properly it will be more pleasurable and work more effectively. For those who require a smaller fitting condom, Slim Fit may be the condom for you!

All Glyde condoms are 100% vegan and fair-trade and discreetly packaged.

Nominal Width : 49mm

Colour : Natural

As not all men are the same size, these condoms have been specially developed for men with a smaller penis size. Lubricated, reservoir tipped with a nominal width of 49mm, these condoms when used properly can reduce the risk of STD’s and pregnancy

GLYDE Ultra Supermax latex condoms are manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. Our exclusive, patented double dipping manufacturing process makes our condoms especially strong without increasing the thickness, thereby creating a sheer, ultra fine sheath.

The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Audit conducted by the Regulatory Authorities of countries where condoms are sold ensures worlds best practice is maintained in our manufacturing facility, which is located in Malaysia.

Tests by both the manufacturer and independent testing agencies provide testimony to the quality and strength of GLYDE condoms. Please note however that no condom can withstand sharp fingernails, diamond rings and metal body jewellery. It is also important that condoms are not left in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat

GLYDE condoms contain natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions in some people.  Always read the Label.  Use only as directed

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  • Size: 49mm. Also available in Maxi 56mm, Ultra 53mm, SuperMax 60mm
  • Materials/ingredients: Latex, Glyde brand lubricant.
  • Manufacturer: Glyde Health.
  • Origin: Designed in Australia and made in Malaysia.
  • Other details: At 55 microns, GLYDE condoms are as thin as a condom can be without compromising strength. Don’t be fooled by the “thinnest condom” hype.



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