The Art of Compounding

What is Compounding?

Compounding pharmacy involves combining scientific methods with the art of compounding. It is a bit like cooking. You can give different chefs the same recipe for a souffle - some have what it takes to make it light and appealing - the same with a compounded cream. It is important to get the texture, the feel and appearance of the product just right, as well as the accuracy of measurements. This is what we focus on at eMedical online chemist Australia.

eMedical - The Online Compounding Experts

When entrusting your health to a compounding professional it is important that you have confidence that the person compounding your prescription medication has the experience, training and systems to make an accurate and cosmetically appealing product. The pharmacists at eMedical have undergone extensive training by the PCCA (Pharmaceutical Compounding Chemists of Australia) and operate under the guidelines and regulations of the Pharmacy Board of Australia. We are also accredited under the Pharmacy Guild of Australia's Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCCP) which assures you that we operate under stringent standard operating procedures.

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